Saturday, October 25, 2014

Twilight Zone

Not sure what the heck happened.

First, I got completely off track of this losing weight/getting healthy track.  I could list a million excuses but really and honestly?  I just got lazy and discouraged and put it all on the backburner.

Second, all my posts disappeared when I was finally able to log on again.  I am able to access two posts in draft form but that is it.  Nothing.  Nada.

And so, we will begin again.

On Monday, I am starting two different things and I am so excited about it.

First off, I am taking part in a Five-Day Clean Eating Challenge.  So my fridge got a clean out (we had a few unintended science experiments happening in there.  I won't go into detail but I should have had The Boy look at them under the microscope before I tossed them out.)  I did a clean out of the pantry (because we had several boxes of cereal and other foods that had like 3 little pieces of bits left in the bottom but WHY would the Eater of Said Cereal through it out when it can just go back into the pantry?)  Tomorrow I head to the grocery store to restock the fridge and pantry with more wholesome healthy options.  The Boy and The Husband will not be happy at first - I may have a mutiny on my hands as Captain of the Ship Called Kitchen.  But as I tell them all the time "Suck it up, Buttercup.  If you want chocolate cake, you know where the oven is!"

And, second, I have decided I need to get my butt in gear and start this healthy eating/excersizing stuff again!  I not only gained back all the weight I had lost, but added more!  While my breathing is fine (at least, it will be once this blasted horrible Cold From Hell goes away!) I have zero energy and my body is constantly aching in one place or another.  After doing research and comparing programs that are out there, I decided to give Beachbody's 21 Day Fix a try - because of the simplicity of it.  If you can stuff the HEALTHY food into that container, you are able to eat it for a meal.  No weighing, no measuring, no other fancy gadgets other than your household measuring spoon.  I've already laid out the menu for the week - starting with what Autumn calls the 3 Day Quick Fix.

Okay, I am not a fool.  I am actually quite intelligent.  I KNOW the 3 Day Quick Fix is NOT going to get me bikini ready in 3 short days :)  BUT I figure by doing the 3 Day Quick Fix it will help me "kick start" this whole thing.  I have become "addicted" to carbs.

Aside: I hate the word "addicted" because honestly, I CHOOSE to eat carbs because I love them.  I don't eat them because I can't function without those 3 bags of chips or the 5 slices of bread or that bowl of pasta smothered in heavy rich sauces four times a day.  I eat them because I love the taste and the feel of them in my mouth.  I love the "warmth" carbs bring to me - a feeling of full satiated comfort.  I know I can live without them, and most of the time, carbs are not an issue.  But if I feel discouraged?  Yeah, a bowl of something heavy and carby makes me feel a bit of comfort.

Anyways, back to "The Plan".

I have decided to also try the Shakeology.  I had to really think on this one.  First, it isn't a cheap option.  It replaces one of the red containers (protein) BUT at about $4 a shake?  Yeah, I can usually find some protein that would not cost me $4+.  But as I reviewed the different shakes out there and what they can do for a person, I decided to try it.  So once a day, I will replace one red container with a Shakeology shake.  I might not stick to that for months and months - but I figured for the first couple months, it might give me what I need to "kick start" myself right in the butt.

Besides, I discovered a couple recipes for Chai Shake and French Vanilla Coffee Shake using the Shakeology and if I have to give up my sugary Chai Latte and French Vanilla Tim Hortons THIS might be the perfect option!

So tomorrow I will post measuremeants and weight (scary scary!  It is almost Halloween, don't'cha know?) and we will go from there.